A message from the director of Lico Publishing

My eighteen-year old daughter, Liana, was killed by a drunk driver, twenty five hours before the scheduled flight for Boston, to attend college.

Days after the accident I started experiencing many amazing coincidences. Then I learned not to call them coincidences any more, as in time they became more meaningful than just a simple coincidence. I talked with many others who have gone through a personal loss and it was comforting to learn that they have had similar coincidences. Therefore I was anxious to share my story with others in the hope that the readers will share their experiences with me. Although I am aware that the real secret of life and death will always stay in God’s power but I hope that by putting all the information together we will be able to come closer and understand more clearly some element of life and death in order to comfort the grieving individuals.

I like to work with symbolism, there for I was eager to see my manuscript published in a specific time. I was aware that I could never impose a time limit to a publisher as their time table is very different than the authors. So I decided to publish my own book.

I began to learn about self publishing and took the necessary classes. Then I worked on my manuscript with all my love.

I was grateful the day when the truck unloaded the cases of the books in our warehouse. My happiness had two reasons; first a friend told me:

“It appears that Liana is back to life with this book, and she will be here long after we have gone.” Secondly, I was grateful for the opportunity that America offers to everyone who put in action the given opportunity. I have lived in many different countries and this is one of the rare places in the world where one can dream and actually materialize it.

So my advice to you is “If you have a dream, go after it. It takes hard work and time but the results worth all the efforts.”

If you think we can be of help to you please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Dr. RoseMary Cohen