Korban – The Sacrifice of Liana

Korban, The Sacrifice of Liana
by Dr. Rosemary H. Cohen
ISBN 0-9667361-0-9
Hardcover – 288 Pages – First Edition
Dimensions – 0.96×8.84×5.80 inches
Price: $24.95

This is the story of one family’s loss, but it will bring comfort and insight to anyone who has lost a child, a mate, a loved one, or a dear friend. It carries a universal message of hope and healing.

Liana’s death was tragic, and its repercussions echoed in the family for years. Family members could not share their grief; each suffered alone, hiding his or her wounds. Only the mother remained steadfast in her faith and her belief in a Higher Power – One who rules the universe in ways hidden to ordinary mortals. It is the power of this spirituality that makes this book unique.

Dr. Cohen drew her strength from the teachings of the Torah and the belief that our lives are dependent on three forces: hope, love, and faith. If we lose one of these, our lives become unbearable. Her story belongs to people of all ethnic and religious backgrounds – its message is universal.

“When people came to comfort me during our time of mourning, they told me I comforted them instead. I hope I can comfort many others with this book.”