This is the true story of the tragic sacrifice of my eighteen-year-old daughter, Liana.

I call my book Korban (The Sacrifice) because her life and death were a sacrifice.

Liana’s tragic fate reminded me of a legend I had read a long time ago, a legend that took place in an ancient civilization. Every year, the people had to sacrifice a young maiden, the purest and most beautiful girl in their community, in order to obtain the favor of their gods for a prosperous year. The people dressed the young girl in a white gown, perfumed her and put flowers in her hair. Then, after ceremonial prayers before a stone god, they threw her alive into a blazing fire amidst songs and cheers. One amazing aspect of this legend is that neither the maiden nor her family ever cried out or complained during these ceremonies.

I found a similarity between this maiden and my daughter. Subconsciously, we had prepared Liana all day long on August 28, 1992. We took her to a beauty parlor for the first time, she was wearing a pretty dress and the earrings her brother had given to her for her eighteenth birthday.

My husband and I had given Liana the best education possible. We had loved her and cared for her. We taught her the love of God, and she knew that this life was just a passage toward a higher purpose.

All of my family unknowingly had participated in offering this Korban. I had a strong feeling that Liana also had offered herself and had accepted her fate voluntarily. I could see her as the pretty maiden being thrown in the fire with no protest and no outcry, with absolute calm and acceptance. An innocent Korban of our society and its citizens who do not respect the rights of others.